What is College Campus Ministry?

Empowered by the Spirit:

Campus ministry can be defined as the public presence and service through which properly prepared baptized persons are empowered by the Spirit to use their gifts on behalf of the Church in order to be signs and instruments of the kingdom in the academic world. Creativity has produced great diversity in approach, as campus ministers strive to form a searching, believing, loving, worshiping Catholic presence on campus. For these reasons, then, the eye of faith discerns campus ministry where commitment to Christ and care for the academic world meet in purposeful activity to serve and realize the Kingdom of God.

Aspects of Campus Ministry:

1. Forming the Faith Community

2. Appropriating the Faith

3. Forming the Christian Conscience

4. Educating for Justice

5. Facilitating Personal Development

6. Developing Leaders for the Future

-Quote from Empowered by the Spirit a pastoral letter on campus ministry from the USCCB.