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What is the Diocese of Columbus’s Catholic Committee on Scouting?

The Diocese of Columbus Catholic Committee on Scouting (DCCS) is a committee of Catholic lay people that promotes the mission of Scouting is Youth Ministry. It is accomplished by reinforcing Scouting values established by the Boy and Girl Scout Associations, enhanced with Catholic Teachings.

The committee works with advisers from the Boy and Girl Scouts Programs and the Diocese of Columbus Office of Youth Ministry to strengthen the presence of the Catholic faith in Scouting.

The DCCS sponsors Venture Crew 1618, where members find fun, opportunities for leadership and mentoring of young people in the exploration and formation of their Catholic Faith. They provide opportunities to demonstrate their faith formation, while serving as staff for Catholic Camporees and religious activities. Reverence is a virtue, a gift of the Holy Spirit! They elect their own Crew Officers and enjoy interesting and exciting activities like any other Venture Crew. Members may join this Crew from any community in the Diocese of Columbus.

Registration Check List - Important Documents & Info

For all the DCCS programs, please follow this simple outline of information and documents that should be completed and either sent in with registration or on-hand at check-in:
  • Program registration filled out and signed by the youth and guardian and submitted before the program deadline.
  • For Scout Units, a Unit Registration form can be used (individual Program Registration pages still required for signatures)
  • All participants should have a current medical form and have it on-hand for the program. Scouts and Scouters should use the standard BSA medical forms. For non-Scouts a basic medical form is available here.
  • Program Specific Items - please read the registration form for the program. Some have specfic requirements to attend or to bring along, such as mess kits, tents, sleeping items, etc.

If you have any questions about Program Registrations, please Contact Us