Religion Course of Study

The purpose of the Religion Course of Study(RCOS)is to provide the overall curriculum for the instruction and formation of young people from pre-school through Grade 12 in Catholic schools, parish schools of religion (PSR) and youth ministry throughout the diocese. Click here for the philosophy of the Religion COS.

The USCCB's Doctrinal Elements of a Curriculum Framework for the Development of Catechetical Materials for Young People of High School Age, a.k.a., The Framework, serves as the curriculum for all high schools in the Diocese. Bishop Campbell has requested that all schools use Option B: History of the Catholic Church and Option C: Living as a Disciple of Jesus Christ in Society during the senior year.

The Office of Religious Education and Catechesis has released an updated version of the Religion Course of Study 2015, which incorporates the goals and objectives of the USCCB's document: Catechetical Formation for Chaste Living (CFCL), 2008.

It is the expectation of the bishop that all teachers and catechists will be guided by the revised curriculum, using various textbooks and supplemental resources as needed. The notation of CFCL is used for citations in the updated version of the RCOS

Full implementation of the revised, Religion Course of Study, 2015-CFCL, will take place in teh 2017-18 academic year.

All textbooks must be approved by the Office of Religious Education and Catechesis before use in the school or parish program. For more information about textbook approval, click here. Various publishers have provided corelations between their textbooks and our COS as a reference tool for implementing the RCOS. The correlations canbe found on the approved textbook page.

We highly recommend that in parishes where there is both a Catholic school and a PSR program, both programs use the same textbook to ensure the greatest unity of formation.


The following handouts were introduced at School Administrators' and Parish Catechetical Leaders' meetings to help catechists/teachers in the diocese familiarize themselves with the Six Tasks of Catechesis.

All are encouraged to look at these tools to deepen their understanding of the role of the six tasks in catechesis and how they can be used to deepen the understanding and practice of the Catholic faith for all age groups.

Media Resources

All of these videos can be watched/studied for methods/enrichment credit. Contact the Office of Religious Education and Catechesis for details.

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Correlation

Catechesis of the Good Shepherd (CGS) is a Montessori based approach to religious education.

Parishes and schools may choose to meet the requirements of the Religion Course of Study, 2015, through the CGS methodology.

In keeping with diocesan policy, the Office of Religious Education and Catechesis looks to ensure that any approved textbook or methodology covers eighty percent of the diocesan curriculum. CGS meets this requirement.

Please note that the correlation for each Level of CGS provided below offers suggestions for meeting any missing content from the diocesan curriculum.

The following links are spreadsheets that can be used to track when a presentation is used to cover specific standards. This is simply a suggested tool. It does not need to be used and can be modified as needed by the user at their discretion. Please note that each grade level has it's own tab in the tracking sheet.

Publisher Correlations

The following are the most current correlations from publishers indicating how various text books meet the Diocesan Religion Course of Study

We will continue to update this page with correlations as they are received.