Sports As Ministry Educational Program

Play Like a Champion Today provides leadership in a worldwide effort to renew the culture of sport for youth. It does this primarily by educating ethically responsible sport leaders - coaches, parents, and athletes - who in turn will reach millions of young people.

Crafted by leaders in the fields of sports psychology, coaching education, Catholic theology, and moral development, Play Like a Champion Today is:

  • Centered around the principles of justice, tolerance, respect, and solidarity
  • Designed using the best athlete-centered practices supported by research into character development and faith formation through sports
  • Presented with the support, tradition, and resources of academic and athletic excellence that mark the University of Notre Dame

  • Play Like a Champion Today deals with tough sport issues & supports schools in promoting:

  • Athletics as Character-Building to Athletes and Families
  • Building Teams as Moral Communities
  • Champion-Centered Best Coaching and Sport Parenting Practices
  • Sportsmanship
  • Responsible Decision Making

  • Over the course of the clinic, participants will learn about:

  • The Spirituality of Sport
  • The GROW Approach to Athlete Motivation
  • Child Development
  • Promoting a Safe Sport Environment
  • Strategies for Developing Partnerships Between Coaches and Parents.