Eligibility Criteria for Testing into Algebra I

These criteria have been set and promulgated by the Superintendent and the curriculum instruction and assessment personnel in the Office of Catholic Schools of the Diocesan Department for Education.

  • An eligible student must have earned a 90th percentile or above on the mathematics portion of the 7th grade Terra Nova test administered in October. Please encourage your student to take the Terra Nova tests very seriously and to perform at their best.
  • An eligible student must show proficiency on a test which shows mastery of all 8th grade mathematics standards without having those standards taught to them in 7th grade. That test has criteria for showing mastery which can be explained by the school administrator(s).
  • Once a student has qualified, parental permission must be given for the student to fully enroll in the Algebra I class.
  • The Algebra I class may be taught only by a licensed teacher either grades 7-12 mathematics or grades 4-9 mathematics. The Diocesan Algebra I Course of Study and an approved high school Algebra I text must be used.

As you can see, the above criteria are rigorous and are meant to select those students who demonstrate exceptional talent beyond their grade placement in mathematics. The Algebra I course is a high school course with high school performance expectations.

It is our hope at the Office of Catholic Schools that this information will help parents understand the qualification criteria for our high school credit Algebra I program in order to encourage those talented math students to strive for high, rigorous mathematics performance.