About the Commission

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Current Members

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General Eligibility

Any person who is eighteen years or older and who has shown a deep interest and commitment in Catholic education, is willing to give time and energies for the betterment of Catholic schools throughout the diocese, and is a positive contributor to the parish in the diocese in which/he/she participates is eligible to become a member of the Commission.


The Superintendent of Schools shall annually invite nominations from parishes and schools for vacant positions on the Commission. Any interested person who meets the eligibility requirements should contact his/her local elementary or high school principal before February 1. The Principal will submit the nomination form and a statement of the individual’s willingness to serve on the commission prior to March 1 of each year. The Superintendent shall submit candidate’s names to the Bishop. From this list of names or upon his determination, the Bishop shall appoint members to fill vacancies on the Commission.

Term of Office

Each voting member will serve a term of three years commencing with the first meeting of a given year with the possibility of a second term at the Bishop’s option. Two or more years in filling a former member’s unexpired term shall be considered a term of membership. The appointees shall take office at the Commission’s first regularly scheduled meeting of the next school year.