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Diocesan Catholic Schools Advisory Commission

The Diocesan Catholic Schools Advisory Commission of the Diocese of Columbus, Ohio, serves at the pleasure of the Bishop of Columbus and is advisory to him on issues concerning the diocesan Catholic Schools through the Superintendent of Schools and the Episcopal Moderator for Education.

Mission and Responsibilities

The mission of the Diocesan Catholic Schools Advisory Commission is to support and promote Catholic schools permeated by the Gospel message in the Catholic tradition within the Diocese of Columbus. To fulfill this mission, the Commission has the following responsibilities and committees:
  1. Policy Development - formulating policies which give general direction for administrative action
  2. Planning – establishing long-range goals and strategies to ensure that the Catholic schools are available, accessible, and affordable
  3. Finance – developing goals and strategies to finance the education programs including tuition and development plans, to ensure that resources are allocated appropriately, to monitor those plans
  4. Public Relations – communicating with various publics about the education program and promoting the educational program
  5. Evaluation – determining whether the goals and plans listed above are being met

Relationship with Other Groups

The Commission communicates with Pastors of schools, elementary and secondary principals and with local School Advisory Boards through the Superintendent or his/her designee.


The Commission consists of twelve (12) voting members appointed by the Bishop. The Bishop shall make his appointment of members by May 1 annually. In addition to the regular voting members, the Superintendent of Schools, the Director of Religious Education and Catechesis, and the Director of Youth and Young Adult Ministry are ex-officio, non-voting members of the Commission. Any person who is eighteen years or older and who has shown a deep interest and commitment to Catholic education, is willing to give time and energies for the betterment of Catholic schools throughout the diocese, and is a positive contributor to the parish in the diocese in which he/she participates is eligible to become a member of the Commission.